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Actionable audience intelligence.

Further Insights helps businesses identify and engage their most valuable customers.  Blending interactive media with market research and content strategy, we deliver actionable insights that are proven to increase audience engagement and conversions.

Collect 1st Party Data

Utilizing quizzes, surveys, and assessments, our platform delivers actionable insights that are proven to increase digital conversions.


Segment Audiences

With the ability to deliver segmented results, our interactive experiences match people with the right content based on their personality type or knowledge level.


Engage & Convert

FI is a highly intuitive marketing, sales, and promotional tool with the ability to make recommendations, drive promotions, and capture leads.


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Success Metrics
91 %

Completion rate

55 %

Click-thru rate

22 %

Conversion rate

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Go Beyond

Launched in 2017, Further Insights was born with a singular mission in mind: unleash the full potential of interactive media.

Our name reflects our culture: we believe that anything is possible when we work hard together and go beyond the status quo to achieve exceptional results through innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

Powerful insights

Optimized for data-driven marketers

Uncover key audience trends using highly engaging quizzes, surveys, and assessments.  Identify your audience personality type, product knowledge, or engagement levels.  Embed our surveys directly on your website or tap into our global audience network.

Our platform makes it easy to provide targeted actions to specific audiences. Deliver optimized messaging and offers based on a user’s score or outcome. With the ability to segment different calls-to-action to specific audiences based on their results, our proven formats deliver industry-leading engagement rates.

From social engagement to conversion tracking, our platform delivers actionable insights that are designed to optimize your marketing strategy.

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